proNova 20 celebrates years proNova 20 celebrates years

Digital Transformation for the Oil & Gas Industry

Measure performance. Quantify improvements. Capture learnings.

Performance Feedback

Safety and efficiency at the rig-site.

Customized Reporting

Increased visibility and knowledge-sharing.

Data Aggregation

Streamlined rig data acquisition.

Trend Analysis

Track improvements and savings among your peers.

Rigorous Data QA/QC and Real-time Analytics

Decades of industry experience and global learnings

Interactive Reporting

Integrate and automate workflows.

Industry Expertise

More than 20 years and +40,000 wells of applied learnings.

Comprehensive KPIs

Measure +1,000 ILT and NPT metrics.

Monitor and analyze performance data

Anytime. Anywhere.

Industry-proven Benchmarking

Identify best-safe-practice targets.

Data-driven Accuracy

Trust your data and drive performance.

Web-based Service

No License Fees. Unlimited Users.

Dashboards & Analytics on any device

Download our mobile applications today.