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Company Information


proNova and AWSproNova is hosted as a managed SaaS solution on the cloud platform of Amazon Web Services in Ireland. AWS provides the environment required for a reliable deployment of our service, which offers the real-time analysis of drilling data streamed to us from globally positioned rigs with the automated performance measurement of different Key Performance Indicators. AWS enables our services for a wide range of clients by utilizing their different cloud products.

proNova Deployment

Service Hosting

Short overview about selected services used for the hosting of the proNova SaaS solution on the cloud environment of Amazon Web Services.


  • Our software is hosted within an Amazon VPC network, which offers various services that protect our solution from unauthorized access over the public Internet.
  • Security groups and other security protection services from AWS are used to isolate the different network segments from each other. Which adds an additional security layer to our network setup, as only restricted data traffic is allowed between the different segments.
  • Application load balancers get utilized to distribute the load for our services.


  • Sensor data of rigs streamed to proNova and meta data about wells get stored in structured SQL databases hosted by Amazon RDS or in simple file storage formats on S3.
  • All our EC2 machines utilize the Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) for data storage.


  • Amazon EC2 instances get used to operate our Windows and Linux machines in a scalable cloud environment.
  • The Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) gets used to host our containerized applications.
  • The serverless compute service from AWS (Lambda) gets utilized for continuous jobs that run in the background (such as functions that take care about data pre-processing and transformation, or for the automated management of our cloud infrastructure).


  • The log file content of all our applications gets instantly streamed into Amazon CloudWatch for automated monitoring of the health state of our services and to get additional insights on operational log data in form of defined metrics and alerts in case of errors.


  • Regular backups get created from all our EC2 instances with the built-in Lifecycle Manager.
  • The backup service of RDS gets utilized to create frequent backups of our databases, in addition to daily data backups.
  • Backups for any kind of data get stored encrypted in S3.
  • Cross-region replication is in place to transfer all our backups to another region for advanced availability in case of a disaster.

Systems Manager

  • The AWS Systems Manager gets used for the management of our IT infrastructure. It helps to keep an overview of all security and compliance related issues, by scanning our instances on a regular basis.
  • The Patch Manager gets used to automate operational tasks, such as the frequent roll-out of OS system updates for the entire IT infrastructure of our organization.

The utilization of the AWS cloud environment as a hosting platform for the proNova software unlocks outstanding benefits for our service:

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