A major Russian client drilling in Russia since early 2017 and successfully using proNova services to improve their rigs performance far above the average on the Russian market.

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A benchmark for drilling efficiency in Russia


A major Russian client drilling in Russia since early 2017 has utilised proNova services with the aim to improve their rigs' performance and exceed the normalised performance for the Russian market.

How proNova helps

Below are examples of three KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) which were measured and recorded by proNova several thousand times in 2017. The performance of the average Russian rig is shown for comparison*. Over several months the crews optimised the time spent to safely to make connections during drilling, tripping, and running casing and are now operating one of the most efficient rigs in Russia.

Russian client average time between drilling two stands (min), average time for making connection (casing, min) and average time for making connection (tripping, max) using proNova

To enable a comparison of different rigs, the performance of each rig needs to be normalised to show the efficiency for the three routine operations and to reveal the considerable impact on the duration and costs of a well. The three KPIs and the average pipe lengths for each rig are used to calculate the duration a rig would take to make connections for a 3000m well which consists of:

To perform the number of connections stated above, typical Russian rigs take an average of 9.6 days to perform the volume of casing and drill pipe connections over the same depth intervals that the proNova client is now routinely completing in 3.7 days of rig activity. Almost 6 rig days were saved by redeeming a few minutes every time a pipe is connected thousands of times over the course of a well.

Russian client savings using proNova

The key factors contributing to this outstanding success are related to the corporate culture of the company which encourages the use of modern technology and rewards the safe and efficient use of drilling equipment. As well as the daily monitoring services from proNova which provides the crews with continuous feedback about their work and supports each crew to improve performance in a safe and sustainable way.

*The Russian average was taken from a sample of rigs operating in different areas and for different clients in Russia, around 5000 days of drilling were included to provide a representative sample.