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proNova Drilling Benchmark Club® Service

Compare your rig performance with your competition

Do you know how your rigs perform vs. the competition? The proNova Drilling Benchmark Club® Service provides its members with an anonymous competitive performance overview. Learn via updates and without any extra work on your part, how efficiently your rigs perform. Based on four aggregated Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), you see at a glance if your rigs outperform the competition or where you need to improve.

Provide raw data and receive overview

Aggregated KPIs lead to an overall ranking factor

Provide raw data

Receive aggregated operation categories

Ranking Factor

The KPIs are weighted and calculated to produce a Ranking Factor for each rig

Memberships - Choose your level of detail

Depending on your membership type, you are granted access to a more detailed degree of comparison. Benefit from an unbiased analysis of your rigĀ“s performance within your rig fleet and the other club members.