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Data Collection & Aggregation

Rig-site data acquisition – adapt to any environment for digital transformation

The proNova Field Gateway is the hard- and software system to integrate any types of streaming sensor and channel data at the rig-site. The data may come from various sources and data providers such as the mud logger, rig system or the directional drilling company.

proNova Field Gateway – online since 2006

proNova filed gateway

The proNova Field Gateway (pFG) solution is designed to read data in different formats (WITS, Modbus, etc.) to integrate and conduct quality control from different sources. Outgoing data streams are buffered to prevent loss of data, if the communication is interrupted. As soon as the connection is reestablished, the buffered data is transmitted to the onshore servers.


Data Aggregation

Drilling rig sensor data is aggregated and transmitted to the onshore big data store - the proNova WITSML™ Store v4.7. This certified store converts the aggregated data to the industry standard WITSML, which guarantees that data is able to be streamed with no restrictions. All the data is then audited following a “Quality of Service” concept, ranked by source and provider to ensure that the highest quality of data is delivered for subsequent processing.

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